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Akonna offers a unique collection of clothing/accessories - Canada based. 10% of all profits are donated for cancer research. Shop now on Etsy or our site!

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In the summer of 2018, I had a burst of interest to learn how to code. My brother was a coder, and I was very eager to start to learn how to make websites! I took a 10-week intensive at Codecademy, and that's how my coding journey started! Less than a year after taking the intensive, I started to code this website and released it during the end of Summer of 2019!

Why shop here

Partial profits go to the Vancouver General Hospital for cancer research, while the rest goes back into the business! Support a youth entrepenur learning the ropes of business :)


All products designs are original and takes lots of time to make them perfect! And because all of the shirts are made to order, each one is embroidered with love and care <3


We want to make sure your time with Akonna is well spent. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email our way through the contact section in the navigation ^^

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Embroidery I offer custom embroidery for any type of design, including logos and graphic designs. The size is limited to 4 x4 inches, but it typically the perfect size for an embroidered design. Pricing varies on the design and colours, with black and white being the default for no extra cost. The maximum is 25 units, but please contact me for additional information regarding the amount of units. I can either source the item you would like for embroidery for an additional cost, or you can send the items that need to be embroidered.
General pricing for up to 8000 stitches for just the embroidery(can vary) 1-5 units: $15 each 6-15: $12 each 16-25: $10 each
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Coder & Fashion Lover Entrepreneur I'm Ava, and I started Akonna in April, 2018 as a 12 year old youth entrepreneur. I have a love for business, with a common theme within the patches and hats - exploration. I love travelling, and I wanted to display my passion through the collection. The shirts have a bit of a different story, with a variety of designs portraying nature and animals that hold significant value to myself. I also have a love for coding, as this website is all coded by myself!
Mission Based in Canada, Akonna is an online clothing and accessories store that offers customers a place to find affordable and high quality apparel and accessories. Akonna sells through an e-commerce site and Etsy, and 10% of all the profits go to the Vancouver General Hospital for cancer research. Akonna has something for everyone to love.
Process To create my designs, I digitally sketch it out then digitize the stitch to turn it into an embroidery file. I use an embroidery machine to make the design come to life! Each shirt is made to order with careful attention to detail, and takes around 2-3 hours to be completed to perfection!
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